Inspiring Movies for College Students

Movies play a crucial role in our lives. They are there to support us, make us laugh, feel empowered, or empathetic. Though, most of all they can be so inspiring. We often watch movies when we feel down. It is our modern way of escapism. This is especially true for young people. During the college years, we all need some extra support. We miss the coziness and safety of our homes. To prevent this feeling, we recommend watching some of the old times classics from our movie list. Here are inspiring movies for college students. Get your popcorn ready.

Dead poets society (1989)

Some would say it's a sad movie with a sad ending. Yes, it is. Though, this movie can also offer way more than just that. It is a movie about friendship, dreams, aspirations, family, among many other things. We all have been dreaming about the mentor like the Captain after seeing this movie. This is where the true treasure island of inspiration is. The Captain, played by Robin Williams, speaks directly to each of us, inspiring us to believe in ourselves and our dreams.

The Breakfast Club (1985)

Perhaps, this movie will not inspire you to study better, or make you say, "From now on, I'll do my homework with no procrastination!" Nope, nothing of that. Though this movie can inspire you to open up to other people. This story takes place in one high school during a quiet Saturday morning. Five high school students came to spend a few morning hours in a library as a punishment for their missteps. Little did they know, their lives would completely change within those hours. They have opened up their hearts and kids to the people next to them. However, as a result, they learned more about themselves than about others.

Ladybird (2017)

Another coming of age movie, Ladybird (2017), have immediately conquered the hearts of many. It's not just that the movie received all kinds of awards, but it has reminded everyone what it is like to be a teenager. The movie tells us about the girl who calls herself Ladybird. It's about her relationship with her parents, friends, her first crush, and first time encountering realities of the adult world. Ladybird speaks volumes about the difficulties of being a teen on the edge of growing up. First real choices in life are always hard to make. Though, what this story does is tells us about the importance of staying true to ourselves.

Aladdin (1991)

A poor orphan who was raised to become a prince. What's not inspiring about that? Of course, it is only a fairy tale. Though, it is the cartoon that we all grew up loving. You won't need to order custom paper to explain to you the movie's plot. It is an inspiring story that promises you, everyone can be the diamond in the rough. Every one of us can conquer the world, as long as they have the desire, good heart, and strength to go for their dreams. Sure, Aladdin also has the Genie. Though, the Genie's help was really focused on helping Aladdin believe in himself. Think of the Genie as a good assignment writing help. We all need it sometimes, but it doesn't mean we don't have what it takes to manage on our own.